• Our values and ethics are our best orientation.
  • The knowledge transference and the leaders training as talent agents are the column of our growth.
  • It’s time to be part of a committed, motivated, efficient and focused on excellence team.

Human resources

In a dynamic and globalized environment everyone is free to choose the development aspirations looking forward to find a place with challenges and opportunities. A highly committed and motivated staff has found in TIPIEL an excellent workplace to realize their professional and personal dreams.

Our professions

Our greatest asset is made up of people. Our selection processes are fundamental for the growth and sustainability of Tipiel. This section describes the main professions that exist here.


Process design is essential for the development of our projects in refineries, petrochemical, industrial, production facilities, bio-fuel plants, among others. This requires that we have chemical engineers with a wide knowledge in different processes.


We have engineers dedicated to monitoring quality standards and to meet the needs and objectives of our customers. In Tipiel, we have the following engineers: chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, civil, mechatronics and electronics.


 Our planners control project’s schedules and costs and are also involved in monitoring project’s deliverables and activities; identifying and managing risks; formulating and implementing strategies.


Our Project Management department works continuously to meet success in the projects, monitoring and controlling client’s needs and communities’ demands in: HSE, quality, schedule and costs. Different engineers perform the following functions: Projects Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Project Engineers. All of them have great technical skills and leadership spirit that help Tipiel  meet its customer’s objectives.


For the execution of EPC projects or projects that involve material and equipment procurement, the following professionals: mechanical engineers, civil engineers, administrators and international trade professionals, among others, prepare procurement plans, evaluate vendor proposals, generate purchase orders, follow inspections up, coordinate the logistics.


In developing our projects, engineers perform, among other activities, constructability studies, construction plans and monitoring, construction associated budgets for every engineering’s phase (conceptual, basic and detail).


In Tipiel, we are committed to excellence in our work. We have engineers that ensure the quality of our engineering and seek continuous improvement of company processes. Therefore, we offer high value services that meet customer requirements.


Tipiel considers the health and safety of its staff and the rest of its stakeholders, as well as the respect for the environment as fundamental values. Tipiel commits to involve these values in the development of all its activities.