Conceptual engineering and feasibility studies

Conceptual engineering and feasibility studies

Feasibility studies: with highly qualified engineers we perform engineering studies to support our customers to establish the level of investment and project’s maturation that define its feasibility.

The ideas and business opportunities of our customers are checked from the engineering and process point of view to have a global vision, to define some alternatives that will be studied in the next phases of the engineering.

For the cost evaluation, we have specialized software that, together with the experience of our staff, allow us to reduce the uncertainty from the first steps of a project.

Conceptual Engineering: we participate in the definition of a new project, such as technologies, process, equipments, and plot plan.

The decisions made in this phase will determined the performance, project schedule, cost of investment and the operation of the finished plant.

During this stage, it is usual to define the process’ technology that the new plant is going to have. This selection is very important, because it will optimize the necessary capital for the execution and operation of the project and define the technology’s warranty in terms of reliability and results.