Procurement Management

Procurement management

For Tipiel, the procurement activities have been always an integral task in its projects. We count with a consolidated procurement department that shares project’s goals and objectives.

Tipiel sees the procurement management of goods and services required for each project as an integral work that covers, from the technical evaluation of vendors to the commercial management to guarantee all the supply chain, from the acquisition to the delivery to the project site.

We are capable of making the purchase of goods and services in every place of the world and we assure that they are acquired by obeying the technical and quality requirements and the rest of procedures and politics of Tipiel.

Our premises for the procurement management are:

Transparency in the processes.
Equity and equality of opportunities for the suppliers.
Fulfillment of the quality, price, and deadline.
Tipiel counts with the support of Technip Energie’s Global Procurement Network which lets us have access and knowledge of different global supply sources and thus, get the best technical and commercial conditions for our customers.