About Tipiel


Is a Colombian engineering and construction company created in 1975 with national and foreign investment, whose principal shareholders are: Technip Energies and Inversiones Ascona S.A.

Since the creation of the company, we use the engineering as the engine for the development of the country, and we are recognized as a solid company which has an innovative and efficient training program that guarantees the high level of knowledge of our engineers.

We take the customer projects as ours and we make engineering, procurement, construction and management with leadership and responsibility.

Our headquarters are located in Bogotá Colombia and have the capacity to operate in the entire Andean region. We have also branches in Argentina and Perú.

We are experts in engineering for the sectors of production and refining of oil, petrochemical, and gas. However, the execution of more than 250 projects, has allowed us to diversify towards to the energy sector, fine chemistry, infrastructure, industry, agro industry and Bio-fuels.

On the other hand, we are able to make, from feasibility studies and the conceptual engineering of a new plant to the engineering, purchasing and construction of the project.

We manage engineering, procurement, supply of material and construction projects with the participation of the specialties in engineering of: Process, Civil, Mechanical (equipments), Piping, Instrumentation, Automation and Electric.

In Tipiel we have a large experience managing these kinds of projects and we have the support of Technip Energies for the execution of big projects in Colombia and in the rest of the world, also for the training of the people in other countries.

Our commitment with the quality, the business social responsibility, the environment and the safety, make us an excellent place to work and a renowned company in the sector.

Mision, vision and values

Designing and delivering added value energy solutions.

Accelerating the energy transition for a better tomorrow.

• Being a team which is committed, motivated, efficient, and focused to the excellence in the execution of the projects.
• Committing with our clients’ projects by making them ours and sharing their objectives of quality, time and cost.
• Learning constantly with an open and innovative mind, sharing and taking advantage of the gained experiences and finally promoting the personal and professional development of all our team.
• Taking an active part in the sustainable and responsible development of our company and our environment.
• Guaranteeing the protection of the health, safety, and respect for the environment in the development of our activities.


tipiel-prEthics, there is no other way of doing business.

In the interactions with the interest groups, Tipiel commits to act with integrity, transparency, equity, justice, in favor of the common welfare and claims in the workplace that these values are practiced by every person in the company individually and collectively.

Tipiel receives and implements in all its business activities the ten principles of the Global Compact agreement.

With excellence

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Our values that support the strategic framework of Tipiel, allow us to continuously evolve towards an excellence culture in quality, health, safety, environment, and social responsibility as a key factor of successful and sustainable development.

We are committed with our customers’ satisfaction and the common welfare through the accomplishment of the international standards, technology transfer, the highly qualified human team, the constant improvement of the products and the high value services.

Finally, to accomplish a culture of excellence we constantly work on:

The commitment of each person to accomplish the requirements of quality, HSE, Costs and deadline of the activities under their responsibility.

The implementation and updating of the procedures to get an appropriate, efficient, verifiable and measurable performance.
The integral development of the staff’s competences through constant training.

The accomplishment of the rules and standards by the suppliers and contractors.