Basic and detailed engineering

Basic and detailed engineering

Basic Engineering: We are also specialists in the development of projects from this stage of engineering, we have specialized software and qualified staff to optimize the projects in this phase. We apply known procedures like value engineering, estimation, among others; we improve the prospecting of the business made before during the conceptual engineering.

We can lead or participate in risk, constructability, Hazop, SIL and other workshops. We guarantee that all the risks will be taken into account and we commit to handle and reduce their impact during this and the other phases of the project.

The engineering in all the phases is seen as an integral way by Tipiel, considering the environmental impact to the communities. We make safety designs for the operators, reliable to the investors and with the best environmental impact to the society.

Detailed Engineering: The management of projects in all the phases has allowed us to develop, for more than 30 years in Colombia, internal procedures in each design area that guarantee the integrality of our designs. We also develop controls and monitoring methodologies to monitor in a strict way the progress and quality of the designs.

We make detailed engineering with the support of the following technical disciplines: Process, Civil, Mechanical (equipments), Piping, Instrumentation and Automation and Electric.

The quality control processes within the different technical disciplines let us guarantee our engineering and accomplish our main objective: To achieve safety projects made in an ethical way, with quality parameters, cost and deadlines required by the customers.